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How to make time for your health


An over-packed schedule is one of the main reasons we put off getting healthy.

With so many work and family commitments, we can’t see where we would find time for shopping for healthy food we’ll cook from scratch, exercise regularly, or having a relaxation routine.

But all of these things add to our effectiveness – if we’re not feeling good, we can’t perform at work or home.
So no more excuses. Here’s some easy, time-smart ways to improve your health.

1. Get a personalised reminder to take a walk or a stretch, drink a glass of water and more on your Fitbit Versa watch.

2. Make going to local farmers’ markets a social occasion. Grab as many fresh veggies and fresh fruits as you can, as well as handmade breads or cheeses, and local fish and meats. Add some complex grains like brown rice, as well as some legumes such as chickpeas from the supermarket, throw in some olive oil, and you have everything you need to make healthy lunches and dinners.

3. Say yes to desk yoga. Check out YouTube for some easy-to-follow videos. Soon everyone at your office may be joining in.

4. Take the stairs instead of the lift and park further away from where you need to go and watch your activity levels on your Fitbit Versa watch build up. Your aim – 10,000 steps a day for heart and musculoskeletal health.

5. Get into biohacking. Simply put, it’s making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best. Fast, easy and effective hacks: add a green juice to your daily diet, drink at least one cup of green tea or add turmeric to your smoothie, or curry, add a supplement that provides an extra buffer to stress.

6. Practise a five or 10 minute relaxation or breathing exercise. Apps Fitbit Versa offers guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate to help you find calm. That means switching your body into rest and repair, instead of fight and flight mode.

7. Long commute? Sing in the car to reduce stress and boost feelgood chemicals. Research shows sighing or moaning, where there’s no one to judge you, might be good too.

8. Get a hug a day. Numerous studies show regular human contact boosts immune function.

9. Watch a comedy instead of a thriller. Laughter releases nitric oxide into the bloodstream and that relaxes muscles and dilates blood vessels which may be good for your heart.

10. Get fitter while you stream your favourite shows. Put a treadmill, exercise bike, or some light handweights and a yoga mat in your tv room. You can also get personalised on-screen workouts on your wrist with Fitbit Versa.