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Hungarian flood relief assistance arrives in Macedonia


Ten countries announced they will send assistance to Macedonia – four countries have already send aid, which is being stored in warehouses of the Protection and Rescue Directorate (PRD). The equipment is already being distributed on the ground, PRD director Shaban Saliu said Monday at a hand-over of assistance sent by the Republic of Hungary.

“Hungary has donated sleeping bags, beds, shovels, hygiene pads, masks… This constitutes one segment of the equipment intended to be donated. The (Hungarian) embassy has said the second contingent of four trucks is planned to arrive soon,” Saliu stated.

He thanked all countries that had sent assistance to help flood-stricken residents deal with the aftermath.

This is the first part of the donation, sent by the National Directorate General for Disaster Management of Hungary, and it contains many practical and technical items, Hungary’s deputy ambassador to Macedonia Gyula Somogyi said.

“We will have another donation coming in this evening, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local municipality of Pesta in Budapest. This donation will go directly to Gazi Baba municipality because we have a special relationship with that municipality in Skopje. It contains canned food, disinfectant liquid, baby food – items which are very much needed by those who are affected by these floods,” noted Somogyi

Asked about Serbia’s withdrawal of its assistance, PRD directorate Saliu said it was true that professionals engaged by Serbia had left the country two days ago after completing their duty in the affected areas, i.e. after pumping out water from flooded homes.

Saliu reiterated that the flash flooding had left 22 dead and one person – a 16-month toddler – was still missing.