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Hungary fully supports Macedonia’s bid to join the Euro­-Atlantic family

Recent developments involving the migrant crisis, security in the region and in Europe, the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw as well as ways for Macedonia and Hungary to boost their defence cooperation were discussed Tuesday by Hungary’s Defence Minister, Istvan Simicsko and the Macedonian Defence Minister, Zoran Jolevski, who is paying a day­-long visit to Budapest.


At the meeting, Minister Simicsko thanked Macedonia for its efforts made to successfully curb the migrant crisis saying Hungary fully supported Macedonia’s bid to join the Euro­-Atlantic family, MoD said in a press release.



“Macedonia has proven it’s a serious partner in addressing complex security challenges. Being part of Southeast Europe, Macedonia is continuously contributing to the Euro­-Atlantic security and stability. Thus, we are playing an active role in the collective efforts to tackle modern challenges, threats and risks,” Minister Jolevski stated.


The scope of the migrant crisis facing Europe, he added, underlines the need of a coordinated and overall strategy in order the crisis to be resolved.

All countries in Europe, including those in Southeast Europe, need to cooperate, which is the genuine response to the security challenges across the continent,” Jolevski said adding the strategy should include Turkey and the other neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq.

“It is of key importance Macedonia to be admitted to NATO as a full-­fledged member. It is of vital significance not only for Macedonia, but also for the security and prosperity of the region and beyond,” the Minister noted expressing gratitude to Hungary for its support for Macedonia to join the Alliance and assistance to the country to tackle the migrant crisis.