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Hungary says problems with the judiciary, prisons in Macedonia will be taken into account when deciding on Gruevski’s asylum request

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Hungarian Minister Gergely Gulyas, who is the head of the office of Prime Minister Victor Orban, said that one of the issues being considered as Hungary determines the political asylum request from former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is the state of the judiciary and the prison system in Macedonia. Asked by members of Parliament, Gulyas said that European Commission and European Council reports have regularly written negative reports about the Macedonian judiciary and prison system, and this must be taken into account.

Gruevski applied for political asylum citing political persecution and death threats received in Macedonia, at a time when he was supposed to begin serving his two years prison sentence over the purchase of an armored vehicle that is used by the Interior Ministry of Macedonia to transport high level foreign visitors, a case which Gruevski called purely politically motivated. Gulyas was asked why did the Hungarian authorities allow Gruevski to enter the country and seek asylum, and not do so in Serbia, which he traveled through on his way to Hungary. The minister responded that in assessing this claim, Hungary had to take in to account the conditions of the judicial system and prisons in Macedonia, and raised doubts about whether the trial of Gruevski was complete fair and unbiased.

A number media outlets have reported that the asylum request is already being approved by the relevant Hungarian authorities.