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Hungary will build a fence on border with Croatia



Hungary will build a fence along parts of its border with Croatia, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Austrian newspaper Die Presse published on Wednesday.

Hungary has already barricaded its border with Serbia with a 175­km (110-­mile) razor­wire fence in an attempt to block thousands of migrants trekking up the Balkans. It has also said it is preparing to extend the fence eastwards towards Romania.

“We have decided to build a fence also on the border with Romania,” Orban was quoted as saying in the interview posted on Die Presse’s website.

“We will also erect a fence at certain locations on the Croatian border,” he said.

Austria and Germany, further along the migrants’ main route into the heart of the European Union, have called for an EU leaders’ summit to address the continent’s migration crisis, its biggest in decades. Hungary was among a group of ex-­Communist eastern states that blocked efforts by Germany and France this week to secure agreement for a proposal to relocate 120,000 people from frontier countries according to mandatory national quotas. But Orban said that if such a plan were approved, he would not be able to stand in the way of its implementation.

“I will vote against it,” Orban was quoted as saying of the plan. “But if it is law, we cannot legally oppose it. Hungary would lose in court. That is the institutional trap.”

Asked about an interview at the weekend in which Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann likened Hungary’s refugee policies to Nazi deportations during the Holocaust, Orban said: “It was bad behavior but my personal relationship with him is good … He never says the kind of things to me that he says in the media.”