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I have always felt at home in Macedonia

Mr. Ramon Abaroa Carranza’s diplomatic career began in 1996, when he was appointed cultural attaché at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in London (UK), he also worked in Abu Dhabi (UAE), in Morocco, and he has been Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in the country for four years now. Besides his professional side, the ambassador revealed another side of his stay here to “Republika”, he said that people in Macedonia are always open to friendship, that he feels like home here. He has not found it difficult to adapt his life here because, as he says, it is not so different from life in Spain. He speaks four languages and he is also learning Macedonian. He loves Macedonian cuisine and says that Ohrid is outstanding, a place that should be visited and he gladly recommends it to his friends.

You come from a country with different culture and tradition than Macedonia. How did you manage to adapt to the life here?

I have not found it difficult to adapt my life here. I have always felt at home in Macedonia. I have always felt in Europe and have not found life so different.

Do you have Macedonian friends? What is your opinion of Macedonian people?

Of course I have friends here. People are very nice, fluent in English and friendly.

Are Spaniards different from the people here?

Macedonian people are not so different from Spaniards. We are both South Europeans and Mediterranean. People are friendly here and enjoy life, they are outspoken and like to socialize and go out.

You speak English and French. Is it hard to learn the Macedonian language?

I have indeed learnt some Macedonian. However everybody that I have met is fluent in English. Therefore, unfortunately I have not learnt as much as I had wanted because I have not needed it.

How much free time do you have to travel across Macedonia?

I have traveled intensively through Macedonia, but I am very busy here so I have not traveled as much as I would have liked.

What do you think, which are the best places to visit in Macedonia?

Definitely the place that everyone should visit in Macedonia is the Ohrid Lake. It is the place that I have recommended to all my friends in Spain.  It is a unique place. It is outstanding.

Do you like the Macedonian cuisine?

Yes I like the Macedonian food, particularly your fresh products. The fruits and vegetables taste wonderful.

Do you miss your home country?

Yes I miss my country, this is normal. However I feel very much at home here. I have become acquainted to your beautiful country, and its people. Life in Skopje is comfortable and easy. There are wonderful places to go, beautiful things to visit, nice shops, excellent restaurants, exciting cafés and places to go to that make life really enjoyable.

When you came to Macedonia you said that during your term as ambassador you wanted a direct flight from the country to Spain to be introduced in order to boost tourism ties between the two countries. Today we have a direct flight Skopje – Barcelona, do you think that the friendly, cultural relations between the two countries are strengthened in this way?

The Skopje-Barcelona flight has indeed strengthened our relations. Sometimes I hear fellow countrymen speaking Spanish in the streets, which makes me smile. I have heard that there is going to be a direct flight to Madrid soon. That will be wonderful.

Would you come back to Macedonia after you finish your mandate?

Yes, of course I will come back. I hope that I will leave many friends here when I finish my mandate. I will come back and visit them. And of course I will follow the life and the events here.

By: K.N.K.