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If institutions are tolerant, the people will deal with the mercenary horde: Aggression must be tackled


Nenad Mircevski

The question whether citizens should directly intervene in resolving the crisis is more frequently present in public after the last attempt of Soros hooligans from the mercenary revolution to stage street riots that would have radicalized the situation. The dilemma “how to move on” is not just present among the citizens who are fed up with the assault of the mercenary horde, but also among the opposition members who, obviously, have a serious problem in agreeing on this issue, especially in times when the negotiating table involves election date. The “great protests” of the mercenary revolution, not only proved why SDSM is running away from confrontation with voters, but also showed other defects in society.

First, SDSM and Soros don’t have and they will not be able to secure the support of the people for a long time neither for peaceful protests nor for violence that would help them come to power. Even they themselves are ashamed to tell a figure – how many party members, Soros mercenaries, criminals and hooligans did they manage to bring by buses … Do Zaev and Soros supporters, after the rally, at which they gathered several thousand people on various grounds, and who by the way don’t not seek elections but absolute power over all institutions (even the media) have the right to torment the Macedonian people and the whole country?

Moreover, do they have the right to speak on behalf of the people at all? If so, then Enrique Iglesias has legitimate right to engage in the Przino negotiations given the fact that at the same time he gathered nearly identical number of supporters, which, unlike the rally of the opposition, knew what they want and why they are there.

Second, Zaev and the rest of his party’s leadership that lacks ideas have no problem endlessly acting as revolutionaries and applying destructive scenarios, despite their unwillingness and inability to sit at the table and to offer or accept constructive suggestions on how to hold snap and legitimate elections that will help resolve the crisis.

Third, the mercenaries and hooligans will rampage through the streets as long as the organizers pay them dearly for the barbarism and until they feel the consequences of the violence that they are applying and calling on. I do not know until when they will be tolerated by the institutions, and I also do not know how long it will last the patience of the citizens that have been witnessing how the country is being destroyed, but they have been persistently refraining from reacting in order to avoid conflict in which citizens and the state would be most damaged. On the other hand, thugs and mercenaries that are financially motivated and institutionally tolerated can endlessly enjoy the limited application of the law, behave like spoiled youngsters and deliver all sorts of blackmail and ultimatums only because the very institutions that they considered to be “executors of the regime” allow them to do that.

Fourth, the threats after June 18 nothing will be the same proved to be absolutely false. On the contrary, with its “great protest” the opposition only confirmed that it has absolutely no power and capacity to make the people believe their lies.

After so much effort for organization, invested money and threats, the opposition and Soros suffered a fiasco that will surely influence Zaev’s future decision about defining an election date. The mercenaries had the chance to see with their own eyes that even the opposition-minded citizens do not support their destructive behavior and way of action. For these reasons, in order to justify the running away from elections, I expect them soon to add new idiotic conditions and requirements to their list of demands. Meanwhile, in the period following the elections (whenever they happen) SPO will have to help its coalition partner to shatter people’s trust in their political enemy VMRO-DPMNE.

It is shameful that this mercenary group, which charges millions for anti-statist actions, it allows itself to be identified with the Macedonian people and presents itself as part of it, while at the same time insults it and humiliates it on every possible occasion. It is more miserable that these mercenaries consider themselves as some kind of heroes while they destroy monuments and buildings or, hidden behind their Facebook profiles, threaten anyone not like-minded and opponent, whereas, on the other hand, they behave like real cowards when they are warned that they will receive the same measure if they don’t stop the violence against institutions and the pressures on citizens. Let’s be clear, and repeat once again, the laws apply equally to everyone. If the institutions tolerate the vandalism of the mercenary band, then will anyone punish the people because of their provoked reaction? The excessive tolerance of the system’s institutions and of citizens, on the other hand, allows the mercenaries to reinforce the feeling of exclusivity in the application of violence.

I sincerely hope there will be no need for the people as the last line in the defense of the state and the national interests to take matters into their own hands. But to avoid that, the mercenaries will have to come to their senses (which is hard to believe) or institutions to demonstrate will and capacity to resist all pressures and strictly respect the legal obligations and opportunities for protection of the order.

I still believe we can get out from this imposed madness only through the institutions, with honest and strong people in crucial positions. Therefore, if the current institutions are not capable to cope with this mercenary gang and the pressures of the umbrella, then they have an obligation to tell that to the public and to immediately withdraw from the positions entrusted to them by the people so that they don’t bring the country to the brink of self-destruction. Their places will not be filled by mercenaries and invertebrates, but by people who are determined to work for the interests of the state and no one else, under all conditions and at any cost.