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Ilinden horsemen begin training for their ride to Krusevo


­Horsemen who will take part in the traditional ride to Krusevo on Ilinden, began training along the Vardar river in Skopje. The tradition sees dozens of horsemen, mostly from the Lisice area of Skopje, dress in komita fighting uniforms from a century ago and honor the Ilinden uprising by riding to the site of the famous last stand against the Ottomans in 1903.

Riders aged 15 to 60 from Skopje, Mavrovo, Sveti Nikole and Kicevo have applied to join this year’s ceremony. The VMRO organized uprising that started on the day of St. Elijah in 1903 led to the creation of a short lived republic in Krusevo, that was defeated by the Ottoman forces 12 days later. August 2nd remains Macedonia’s most celebrated national holiday