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In moment of candor, Zaev acknowledges he lost the elections and has no mandate to amend the Constitution


In a rare moment of candor, Zoran Zaev acknowledged that he lost the December 2016 elections and that he does not have legitimacy to sign the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria, but was brought to office to do that.

– I’m expected to bring Macedonia into NATO and EU, to sign the treaties with Bulgaria and Greece with 80 votes in Parliament, even though I initially had only 49. I did not win Vasko, I won only 49. I lost the general elections. Am I right? No, not the municipal elections, that was legitimacy for the mayors and councilors. I won 49 members of Parliament, and now I have 80. Nobody asks me how much work it took, how many meetings it took to get there,

Zaev said during an interview with Vasko Popetrevski from Alsat TV.
This acknowledgement, that he is in office to make sure Macedonia signs the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria, flies in the face of Zaev’s promises before the elections, when even those voters who helped him get to 49 votes in Parliament were assured he will never give up Macedonia’s name.

– While I live and while I breathe this Macedonian air and while my mind remains strong, I know that my grandfather, my father, all my ancestors, my son and daughter are all Macedonians born in Macedonia, and I will not let that happen. There is no man alive who would stand before the Parliament and demand that the Constitution is changed in order to change the name of Macedonia, Zaev said shortly before the 2016 elections. Now he does just that – pushing constitutional amendments through Parliament, with the help of members of Parliament who joined his coalition for various, often questionable reasons.

In his episode of sincerity, Zaev gave away details indicating what made a number of representatives from VMRO-DPMNE, who face various criminal charges, join him in voting to amend the Constitution. He again promised amnesty for those charged with terrorism over the April 27th incident in the Parliament.

– All who did not take part in the violence, and who were not among the organizers, I have no problem to initiate reconciliation with them. That can be through a law on amnesty, which the Parliament can pass. That is not interference in the judiciary, the Parliament can pass such a law, Zaev added. Previously, at numerous occasions he pledged that there will be no amnesty or any compromises with his political opponents.