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Inauguration Warsaw-Ohrid flight brings first group of Polish tourist to Macedonia


The inauguration Warsaw-Ohrid flight brought Monday the first group of 157 Polish tourists, who will spend their summer holiday in Macedonia under the offer of the tour-operator ‘Rainbow’.

The Polish charter airline ‘Enter Air’ will operate the Warsaw-Ohrid flight each Monday for the entire summer season, namely up to October 21. Expectations are for the ‘Rainbow’ holiday packages to bring about 3,000 tourists to spend their summer vacations along the Ohrid-Struga Riviera.

Welcoming her fellow-countrymen, Polish Consul to Macedonia Katarzyna Ptaszynska voiced satisfaction with the accelerated cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of tourism. She expressed belief that many Polish tourists would express interest to spend their holiday in Macedonia.

TAV Airports Coordinator Yigit Lacin expects for over 9,000 Polish tourists will visit Macedonia this year, as there are now two charter flights in operation, namely the one launched last year from Katowice and the new one from Warsaw to Ohrid.

‘All guests from Poland will have an opportunity to see in person what it means to spend a holiday here in Ohrid – the Balkans Pearl,’ Lacin said.