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“Insider Monkey”: 7 best places to visit in Macedonia

Very few people know about the best places to visit in Macedonia that are safe and beautiful, unless they reside in there,  and that is why we decided to put this list together, writes the U.S. economy and finance website “Insider Monkey” in its article on Macedonia.

“Macedonia has been ruled by Romans, Greeks, Ottoman Turks and Byzantines, thus you should anticipate a very diverse culture. After peaceful demonstrations and public uprisings, the nation gained its independence in 1991 from Yugoslavia. Macedonia has been steadily growing its economy and is now an important tourist hub”, the article reads.

When referring to Ohrid, the article says that most of the attractions are in the older parts of the city. It mentions Samuil’s fortress, Plaosnik and Saint Sofia cathedral, describing it as the largest church in Ohrid, which was built in the 11th century.

The article describes the capital – Skopje, as a city which has been significantly transformed, stating that tourists can spent an entire day sightseeing and still fall to see all the attractions.

According to “Insider Monkey”, the remaining cities one has to visit when in Macedonia, are: Gostivar, Krusevo, Bitola, Berovo and Kratovo.