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Istanbul, Vienna ­- most popular flight routes for Macedonians


The number of passengers on Macedonian airports notes increase by 19.8% in October. According to the information of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, 109.811 passengers of whom 107.668 at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport are registered in October which is by 21.1% more compared to October 2013.

The largest number of passengers i.e. 15.8% traveled to Istanbul, 8.4% to Vienna, 7.9% to Zurich, 5.7% to London, 5.7% to Basel, 5.6% to Malmö and 5.2% to Belgrade.

A total of 1.098.636 passengers were registered at both airports in Skopje and Ohrid since the beginning of the year, which is by 12.1% more than last year.