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It is the people that give power, not ambassadors


Columnist: Nenad Mircevski


Zaev’s character has already been wasted in the scenario for violent topple of the government, therefore the directors were forced to introduce new characters to stop the quasi-drama from disappearing. What will the destiny of vassal Zaev be like? Certainly not as he was promised before he was chosen for the movie.


Terrorists were supposed to remind us that the dark forces can wake up the spirits of war any second, and for the dream of Great Albania to become reality. Was ”be smart and behave well, so that we will keep our dogs on a short leash” the message they were supposed to deliver ?


They did not succeed in it, so they have activated the diplomats. One ambassador was not enough, so six of them had to gather and support Zaev in his attempt to forcefully overthrow the government, which, by the way, was elected by over 500.000 citizens. Outrageous for the democratic world, but, unfortunately, we have witnessed a pile of such unique events throughout our history which are being sold to us as ‘normal’ and ‘democratic’.


Diplomats did not bring people to the streets, and after the opposition experienced a fiasco Zaev’s dogs started barking against VMRO-DPMNE’s rally – as if no counter-rallies were held anywhere in the world in support of the government. According to their logic, the huge majority of of citizens has no right to come out on the streets and to oppose the destructive scenario of the opposition’s minority. It is understandable why they keep making such big noise: otherwise, how would they sell the story that ‘the people is asking for resignation’? At the same time, those same megaphones of the opposition have forgotten to mention that nowhere in the world an opposition does what Zaev is doing in Macedonia. Their remarks would have been completely in order if SDSM had as huge support as VMRO-DPMNE has and if the ruling party has been refusing to run elections and insisted to preserve the governing position at all costs.


Foreign centers of power have prepared a hell of a scenario to accomplish their goals and to stop the democratic processes in this country. But, in their calculations they have overseen the huge majority of citizens who are aware of their goals. They have also underestimated the uniqueness of Macedonian people – if you apply bigger pressure, you cannot scare or break the Macedonians, but you will only make them more frustrated and lead to them showing even bigger resistance.


For God knows what time it has been confirmed that this set of opposition politicians have no ‘formula’ to regain citizens’ trust. Frustrations are now through the roof, which have caused for new episodes of insults to the people. But, if they cannot collect their ‘herd of sheep’ to the sheepfold after so much time, than there is some problem with opposition’s shepherds. If they keep behaving like this, they will not win any elections again in the next nine years, even if they were allowed to filter the voters’ list by themselves.


A few fighters on the side of “free and professional media” have appeared on the stage of the opposition’s rally, hand to hand with Zaev and Milcin. None of the self-proclaimed “independent” journalists condemned their actions. Many of them have even supported them. Neither ave they condemned the ugly lies and untruths published by opposition media activists, even in the hardest moments for the country during the operation in Kumanovo, which could have easily caused serious ethnic collisions. All those “professionals” publicly admit they are working to topple this government at any price. Are these the media reforms Zaev has been offering? Is this the future the opposition has to offer?


They saw that they cannot grab the government with any type of a violent scenario, so now they are speaking of “two Macedonias”, hoping one part will be given to them and that they would be able to rule it peacefully. Once again, just so that is has been made clear to them: there is only one Macedonia, and it is ruled by the party which gets citizens’ trust in elections. It is the people that give power, not ambassadors.