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It is unclear how Greece’s bankrupted PPC bought Angjusev’s EDS for EUR 5 million two months before signing of Prespa Agreement

Just two months before the signing of the Prespa Agreement, the Greece’s state-owned Public Power Corporation (PPC) acquired the Macedonian electricity trading and supply company EDS Group of the Deputy Prime Minister and close associate of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Koco Angjusev, and the Greek opposition says that the Greek government’s acquisition of the Macedonian company is a scandal and that the concluded agreement is not favorable for the Greek side.



“PPC confirmed the deal (which was, of course, approved by its main shareholder, the Greek state …) for a sum of 4.8m euros, deposited on the personal account of the vice-president of Zaev’s government, Koco Angjusev, “as is stipulated by the terms of the contract “, without specifying, as PPC asked, whether these accounts are connected in any way with Mr Zaev’s ruling party …” Greek news portal Iefimerida writes.

Especially if we take into account the ease with which PPC provided close to € 5 million, when the company is in a state of bankruptcy, with unsubstantiated non-performing loans, a lack of funds for modernization and simple maintenance of its networks , as the workers complain that they are not being paid, the Greek news porta writes and reminds that the reported causes of recent fierce fires in the country attributed to cut cables by PPC.

“PPC has found funds to acquire the energy company of Mr Zaev’s Deputy, but … failed to fulfill its obligations to energy providers in Greece (wind farms, solar power, etc.) or does unilateral and unconventional reductions in the price agreed with them when deciding to proceed with their productive investments …,” the text reads.

According to the National Defense Commander, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias, “PPC has been threatened 2-3 times to bankrupt last year”. For him, it is not clear how the state firm managed to find the money when it is known to be in a bad financial position.

“Two months before the Prespa agreement, PPC acquired the company of the Vice-President of the Skopje government for 5 million euros, which can only be done with a political mandate. The issue is major, too serious and needs to be explored directly, today. Without answering, in essence, the essential questions arising from the disclosure of the acquisition of the company of the Vice-President of Zaev’s government and of course without the slightest mention of who gave the order or approval for the acquisition by the Greek state, which is its main shareholder,” says Kikilias, reads the text of the Greek news portal.