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It’s winter…


Columnist: Aco Stankovski

It’s cold outsidebut warm inside, especially if you have provided suitable energy source, which turning into heat, heats your space and makes you feel happy and relaxed. Otherwise life gets tough, and we would all have to transform into beasts.

Our mind has sought a way to achieve a peaceful and secure life for millennia. Management and relief systems have been created, but not everything is so pink on the planet, as the naturalists preach. Perhaps their romantic view of nature and ancient history contains in itself an emotional magnetism to power, wealth and purity of nature, about which we do not really know much, considering that nature is an innate part of the universe, which, on the other hand, is infinite in all directions. And we still know absolutely nothing about Eternity.

This realization of our powerlessness, about the impotence of our most powerful weapon – the mind, which can not solve the grand and terrible secret of the universe and eternity, and makes us small and powerless, scared to craziness in every sense just like animals. But still, this paranoia before the inexplicable, in which we are incarnated by destiny, has not dissuaded us, as a species, to stand up and make the first steps towards eternity. Then man realized that eternity is incomprehensible, but that it is an endless source of human desires, only if we are friendly to the inexplicable, to overcome fear. That is why man began approaching this eternal being and, in the end, he even addressed it. So mind created religion and God. Man saw that there is a force that has two fascinating solutions to some, seemingly, intractable problems and he was grateful, celebrating Eternity, i.e. God. But, the situation still was not perfect. Otherwise, how could such quantum of pain be explained, which comes precisely from nature, from the universe, from God?

In cold winters hundreds of millennia ago, if our ancestors had not find shelter in time, they would have frozen to death in terrible agony. But there, they discovered the fire and largely solved the problem with the cold, and by the way, got a bonus, so they hunted animals with warm fur so they could use it as clothing after the poor beasts were skinned.

Maybe you think of this as barbaric and disgusting, but behind this very horror of ruthless pragmatism stands a very intelligent observation, in which the human mind understands that it is the fur and skin of the animal that gives warmth. You won’t see such intelligence in other primates.Even the gorilla, the orangutan or the chimpanzee, which shares 98% of its chromosomes with the human DNA, is unable to realize that if it is threatened by the cold, it can capture another animal, skin it and make some clothes that will solve the problem.

But those primates live in tropical areas of the planet, where there are no problems with the cold, said some voice in the air, an anonymous Darwinist. – Of course! Those primates simply can not live in geographic areas where there are winters and cold, and they can not survive in cold climate because they don’t have enough intelligence to find solutions. But man found both fire and clothing.

The voice of the evolutionist is once again heard – So, a few million years ago, when those primates went north, they faced with the problem of the cold, among other things, and detonated their mind to find a solution and found it, by the way, becoming people from monkeys.

-You don’t say. And those people in Africa who never went north, and they are intelligent and use fire and they dress? Why do they use all these innovative solutions, but live  in the same geographic areas as the primates we pointed out. – The Darwinist is silent. He thinks he has a solution, but the problem of political correctness prevents him from expressing his racist and discriminatory views. He will never give up the adapted theory of Darwin, regardless of the fallacies, which the critics of this hypothesis are facing with. However, no matter what, the cold remains a serious threat even despite all the evolution of our species.

Today also, we are vulnerable as in prehistory. Cold reigns in the harsh winter and if you do not have a solution to this terrible great force of nature, you will simply freeze, which is not pleasant at all – on the contrary.

Heating systems today are sophisticated, they can turn winter into a warm and romantic summer in a very small part of eternity, in which you will be happy and peaceful, sucking up the heat from the nearby heating device in your body. Hundreds of thousands of years of man’s evolution, for moments of tranquility and happiness. This is not a small achievement and, particularly, if you have enough money to incorporate yourselves into the civilization system, not just in the heat.

If not, then you will be accepted by some social institutions, where the heating is not always good and tranquility comes as a subjective exclusivity. The society is trying to please everyone, but that’s simply not possible. Money is needed. Energy sources are expensive and it is not easy to obtain sufficient quantities of general happiness.

It’s winter, it is cold outside, soon New Year will come along with the infamous Santa Claus with a bag full of gifts.

But this year, the Chinese Prime Minister stole the show of the white-bearded philanthropist. Namely, the Chinese ruler arrived in Belgrade with a bag full of gifts in cash – a total of 10 billion euros. This is really tempting moment for 16 countries, always hungry for money. There, they gathered around the generous investor from Asia who will fill them with sweetness and love. You see how simple is to win people’s minds and hearts. There’s no need of bombs and propaganda, as the US do. Brussels has turned green with envy, its concubines go towards the generous Mandarin. Adio Brussels, its position becomes even more grotesque.

Truth be told, the Chinese ruler indicated to the guests in Belgrade that it’s warm inside, while they were all sweating, but it’s very cold outside, and it’s cold because it’s winter.