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Jakimovski: If there are no elections on June 5, the citizens will take to the streets

Two powerful concepts will collide in these elections: one is an independent sovereign Republic of Macedonia that cares for its citizens, for the development of the institutions and its international affirmation; while the second concept is to obtain victory and give Macedonia to the foreigners, President of GROM Stevco Jakimovski said in an interview with "Republika"

Do you expect elections on June 5?

JAKIMOVSKI: Yes I do, otherwise, tensions are high and citizens will take to the streets. The elections must be held, no one can calculate anymore. All the masks, all the lies have fallen into the water, we saw that of 500,000, then 150,000, we climbed down to 89,000 voters that need to be checked, I think that those who delayed the voter’s list now have nowhere to run and postpone the elections.

You mentioned the voter’s list, do you have a forecast for its clearing?

JAKIMOVSKI: I have known that about 86-87 thousand voters will be troublesome since a month and a half ago. The number turned out to be 89,700. Those with their nose stuck in the voter’s list came to the same figure, so why in the past five months they shook the state, for something that we already knew. It’s about voters mostly of Albanian nationality, who will be checked.

Let’s be clear – not 150,000. We are halfway there, and now it will be established that everything is fine and you will see that at the end only some ten percent of the troublesome will remain, who with another clearing will be reduced to a minimum.

The voter’s list have been cleared before as well.

JAKIMOVSKI: Prior to every elections, we, the political parties pay MKD 150,000 and get the voter’s list, we check our members, supporters and we see if there is anything suspicious. A major question is how in five election cycles, SDSM always gets the list but has never had remarks, i.e. there were no such anomalies as they want to present now. Now suddenly anomalies emerge. GROM has already pointed out and we are pointing out that that list that was released in the public is not the real list, but a manipulative voter’s list which was used to create an illusion that did not work. It is evident that for the same reasons they do not clear the list every month in order to continue with the drama that the voter’s list is not cleared. 

No one in this country has asked Violeta Duma, or Aleksandear Novakovski, or Boris Kondarko or Rilkovski, “What did you do all these nine years in the SEC”, they have a salary of 1,300 euros. Now how can anyone from your party say that your work was not valid, that you haven’t done anything until now?


To what extent is the clearing of the voter’s list opening a new opportunity for complications and further black campaign of the opposition?

JAKIMOVSKI: It can’t do that. It will be reduced to a minimum, to some 10-15 thousand, which means that there is no theoretical chance. With new checks I guarantee that they will be insignificant.

You were a member of SDSM. Were there any thoughts of a “shadow government”, here an opportunity has come up to take part in the government, so Spasovski took the post of Interior Minister.

JAKIMOVSKI: It has been discussed many times, but no actions were taken because they will start to fight with each other inside. It means the one who would be placed as a shadow minister, all his rivals within the party would get angry at them and would start SDSM’s old habit of gossiping and slandering its own people. It begins with a black campaign within the party and as long as they obtain victory they will be blacker than the devil himself. So there is no chance to win with these people, not because of the political competition outside the party, but within the party.


Is that why the party calls the international community for help from as an unavoidable mantra? So, does it get the help?

JAKIMOVSKI: In these elections the citizens should bump into two powerful concepts: one is an independent sovereign Republic of Macedonia that cares for its citizens, for the development of the institutions and its international affirmation; while the second concept is to obtain victory and give Macedonia to the foreigners so they could run the country, that’s the concept that SDSM constantly pushes through. If it weren’t for that concept, the territorial division wouldn’t have happened, or these things that we have today.

But analysis shows that the international community, according to me, is not of some help, on the contrary, always when Macedonia lifts its head up, they hit us from above. Let us remind ourselves, the Badinter Commission has assessed that only Macedonia and Slovenia from the SFRY met the conditions for independence. That same international, or European Community adopted the Lisbon Declaration that conditioned us to change the name, to change the flag, and another bunch of conditions that block our path to international affirmation of the Republic of Macedonia.

But luckily, back then the state had a leadership that knew how to manage that, so from the Lisbon Declaration the entire energy was directed to the UN, where Macedonia became an internationally recognized state.

The second hit on the head was in 2001.

Macedonia has shown that it can work without the IMF, it shows that can go on without foreign NGOs. Macedonia shows that can earn, produce, export alone, there’s a stabilization of its economy.

It has successfully manged to overcome the difficult economic conditions and it increasingly begins to be engaged in the international division of labor. And immediately comes a new hit on the head, that’s what is happening to us since last February with the help of SDSM’s quislings.

They can’t say that Macedonia has social jolts, that the people can’t buy a loaf of bread, they can not say that the economy is unsuccessful because all parameters show that its among the leading in Europe. We are not at the level of development, but we are overcoming crisis more successfully than them. We have developed institutions, Macedonia pis moving forward, seeking new alternative routes, foreign investors are coming, and now comes this political crisis to destabilize the country once again and to come to power which will again be dependent of the IMF, the World Bank, to listen to them and meet all their requirements.

It’s a known fact that if SDSM comes to power, the saving immediately starts, no employments, arrangements with the IMF right away, loans with various conditions, the people will be revolted and after four years the will seek a new alternative.


By: Naum Stoilkovski
Photo: Aleksandar Ivanovski