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Janeva storming to destroy the Macedonian state


Nenad Mircevski

The latest scandalous outburst of the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva that dishonored all state institutions showed that putting her in that position (proposal imposed by international mediators) is not aimed at implementing a legal investigation and clearing up the wiretapping affair, but that she is tasked with assuming the role of Zaev in a scenario for total destruction of the state. Janeva remains Zaev’s trump card to save himself from elections and from prison, so the Prosecutor is ready to go all the way to destroy the country in an attempt to defend the accused.

The way she chose to escape the obligation to appear before the Council of Prosecutors and the deputies to elaborate the report full of ambiguities had a devastating effect on her and the scenario she is implementing. The Prosecutor, who has been running from the public for weeks, encouraged by the presence of the umbrella, took the liberty, with no evidence, contrary to the democratic rules of governance, to say that the President, the Constitutional Court and the Parliament lack legitimacy. Moreover, Janeva completely dishonored the state and offended the people and at the same time disputed her own legitimacy. What’s more, she asked everyone to show respect for her institution, as if she is declaring herself as a sovereign who has taken all the power and authority of the state.

If she is holding a firm position that the deputies lack legitimacy, then the question is why a few days earlier Janeva submitted a written report on her work to the Parliament and to whom she is justifying her work ?

Truth be told, her legitimacy has been disputed by many from the very beginning because of the anti-institutional establishment of the institution, but never before in such manner and by the very Prosecutor. Another outrageous denial of the legitimacy of the institutions is that the Prosecutor performs with identical position as the accused Zaev, who does not recognize the court and the President for over a year.

Misery goes so far as, she as a Prosecutor that is supposed to refer to evidence and facts is using Zaev’s unjustified arguments. Thus, in the badly composed explanation of the scandalous approach, Janeva questions the elections in 2011, 2012 and 2013 without thinking (or without anyone suggesting to her) that the deputies and the President were elected in the 2014 elections. Just a reminder, the elections that she disputes can only bring into question the mandate of Zaev, who became mayor of Strumica in 2013.

If Janeva, however, does know what she is saying, and indeed there is evidence of all that she claims, she should request the court to immediately dissolve Parliament and call new elections that would return the legitimacy of the institutions, rather than playing political games and contributing to the destabilization of the country. If she doesn’t do so, then she should answer together with all those she accuses because she allows them to illegally govern the country. Of course, she needs strong evidence of all of this and a great trust and support from the citizens, in whose interests she should work. Of all necessary, Janeva has nothing, so the Prosecutor turned into Zaev’s spokeswoman.

The Special Prosecutor must appear before the Council of Prosecutors and the deputies, not only to elaborate the report to them, but also to the entire Macedonian public that dearly pays her work (four million euros per year). So far, Janeva hasn’t disputed the legitimacy of that money, and she would break her legs to meet and elaborate her report before the ambassadors and representatives from abroad, but hides like a frightened kid from facing the public and the citizens.

Of course, it is hard to believe that someone would allow Janeva to revoke the legitimacy of the institutions that have been built for decades, but the dilemma is until when will the institutions remain silent and tolerate such anti-state outbursts of groups and individuals?