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Jankuloska: Over 7.000 police officers to be trained for electoral process (VIDEO)


Over 7.000 police officers will complete a decentralized training course on how to ensure security during electoral process in Macedonia. A training manual will be used which includes most important parts of national legislation and recommendations for police officers.

Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska who met Wednesday with ministry’s personnel on professional conduct of the police officers engaged in pre-election and during the election process, said that police officers improved their behavior in the past several election cycles.

Police officers will behave and were trained to behave according to the new Electoral Code, especially now when two electoral processes will take place – presidential and early parliamentary elections, she said, expressing expectations that all will contribute for holding of free, fair and democratic elections.

Head of the Sector for Internal Control and Professional Standards Aneta Stancevska said that police officers must not endanger the professionalism and legitimacy during their work. The sector will conduct unannounced controls to all ministry’s organisational units before and during the campaign of presidential and early parliamentary elections.

You can watch part of Minister Janluloska’s statement on Republika TV video.