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Judicial Council not succumbing to political influence: president


Judicial Council President Branko Uskovski said Thursday he would protect the reputation of the institution and the judges’ rights, while the Council would not succumb to political influence.

“I assure you I will be the first to protect the reputation and rights of judges and the citizens’ trust in the judiciary, because judges are doing their job in a professional, honest and responsible way. This goes for the majority of judges in all courts throughout Macedonia, as shown in the 2014 report on the courts’ operations, which we adopted today”, said Uskovski.

He failed to comment the recordings released by the opposition, in which the authorities allegedly fix the election of judges and rulings.

“I would refrain from comment. There are a lot of questions that media ask over the authenticity of certain contents. I would not comment in order to respect the presumption of innocence, but also because the cases have not been finalized”, said Uskovski.

He voiced belief that the Judicial Council would not succumb to political pressure, which is exercised for the purposes of daily politics.

“We will not allow them to have an effect on the work of the judiciary”, added Uskovski.

He stressed that the majority of judges are professional and responsible in their jobs, confirmed by the report on the courts in 2014.

“The road of the Council members is not easy or fast, but long, difficult and full of challenges. We have been exposed to criticism, some well­intentioned other undeserved, but this gives us the confidence that we are on the right path”, underlined Uskovski.