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Juliette Binoche: I find happiness in myself (PHOTO)

Actress Juliette Binoche was an honored guest at the Film Festival “Brothers Brothers” in Bitola in the past two days. The audience followed her each step. Sunday’s press conference room at the Cultural Centre in Bitola was too small for the curious fans of the most wanted actress at the moment.


Simple and beautiful, Binoche attracts smiles and admiration wherever she appears. The crowd was curious and many asked her questions about her private life, the way she chooses roles, the cooperation with many top actors and director names, and she patiently listened to them and answered each question. However, as she said, inner happiness is the most important thing for her.


-I find happiness in myself. One should always have a connection with themselves, and not to seek happiness somewhere outside because in that way they will stay unhappy and lonely. I found happiness after I established a connection with myself , Binoche said.


Photo: Gjorgi Licovski