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Kicevo citizens: We should leave the country to our children as it was left to us by our ancestors

The ‘Civic Initiative for United Macedonia’ on Tuesday at the plateau in front of Culture House in Kicevo held peaceful protest to call for understanding, not for division, for growth, not for stagnation, for opening, not for closing.

The citizens have asked all party turmoil and disagreement to stop, as was pointed out to achieve the goal for which we all strive – Macedonia to remain unitary, sovereign and independent.

“We believe that only this way we will have a better and more prosperous life. We are ashamed of all the scenarios that we have heard of recently and we want to stop them, considering that the anti-Macedonian strategy is against all of us who live here. This is the country of all and we will be a country for all , and we should leave it to our children the same way it was left to us by our ancestors”, said the organizers of the protest.

Kicevo, as they emphasized, serves as an example of good co-existence not only in Macedonia and in Europe, but in the world and called on the participants to march through the city streets in a peaceful and dignified manner.