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Knowledge, above all !


Columnist: Timco Mucunski, PhD student in Law

At the end of the past century and the beginning of the 21st century mankind reached extremely high achievements. With just a touch on the smartphone we can communicate with our close ones and friends whenever we want, even if they are on a different continent. We can also physically shorten the distance for airlines allow us to get from one to the other side of the world in less than 24 hours. Today, even some of the worst diseases have appropriate medical solution. The above mentioned positive changes, of course, have not fallen from the sky, but, on the contrary, they are a result of the serious work and energy invested from top scientists who have used their knowledge to solve some of the most significant issues, allowing us to organize a different and far better life on our planet. At the same time, it is undeniable fact that we are living in a time that is too dynamic and moves at lightning speed, but on the other hand, statistical indicators suggest that today’s humans live longer and with a better quality of life than ever before.

We should all jointly strive to achieve better future for all of us, so that we could enjoy the blessings in our lives and fulfill these modern needs. Improvements are achieved through knowledge. Hence, sine qua non for further development of the modern society is the need for quality education. It is a question equally important for our country, for the sustainable development of the global order and in the interest of the generally accepted norms and values of human rights. Education is the fundamental pillar of our global system, it helps us acknowledge all phenomenons and allows us to understand each other better and to take part in the practical everyday life in the most appropriate way.

Macedonian education still needs changes that will help to improve the entire educational process, to produce and build quality and successful professionals that will be able to cope with the strong competition in this modern society and with the latest social and technological changes in the global modern world.

In my entire life, I, personally, have had a real  feeling that I was a pupil, a student and a subject that is constantly obliged to gain new knowledge and improve their professional skills, regardless that at the moment I am in the final stage of my formal education. Certainly in the specified context I separate the word “formal” as important in the context of the specified text as the formal process of education is an essential part of everyone’s professional engagement and whose quality organization is pushing the boundaries of the possible.

In most professions, trends are changing at the speed of time. The new discoveries, no matter if they are from the natural or the social sciences, are no longer tied exclusively to the top universities in the US and the UK. Thus, the necessary resources for proper organization of the work process increasingly become more accessible, so that anyone who has the appropriate education and personal qualities, is ready to work hard and predictably could achieve top and globally acceptable results in any local environment.

Now I would like to ask a specific question, whether, in these modern conditions of life, we should be afraid of checking our knowledge, of checking what brings progress, of what we certainly have to overcome and what becomes a necessary part and need that will follow us in our everyday life? The expected response is the common and unambiguous desire to enhance our knowledge, its constant checking, desire and effort which should be strongly directed to properly displaying the same. At the same time, it is necessary to make efforts to reveal the personal and social values and, of course, to apply all that we have gained over the quality educational process.

Theory and practice often differ, but it is so because theory provides a basis for determining the purpose towards which we should strive. As a lawyer, I have always been and I am proud of what I have gained during my education in the mentioned area. A good lawyer should always be ready to create regulations, to create laws, to participate in the various stages of the legislative procedures (from preparation of draft-proposals, through participation in public debate, to adoption of the proposal for adoption of laws), including the interpretation and application of the overall legislation. I can not, I would not want and I would not dare to oppose an assumed norm that I have not seen, over which no public debate has taken place and which is far from its practical application. I know and I am well taught that standards are being improve in the course of a necessary public debate. As a lawyer, educated in a democratic society, I would like to use all democratic means in the legislative process, but not out of it. Anyone who does the opposite acts in favor of anarchy, which by itself is hypocritical and undemocratic behavior! Hiding under the umbrella of “democratic action”, often politically motivated and contrary to the interests of citizens, is a phenomenon of the past that does not bring benefits and progress to anyone.

Today we know better, today we believe in knowledge, today knowledge is the tool that brings us into the future. We should always strive to be the best because that is what makes us strong and successful. We want to know, to constantly reaffirm what we have really gained and to affirm that as quality, strong value and  positive example of our democratic society.