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Koha: Zaev’s government to fall in September?!

Zoran Zaev’s government is expected to face a vote of confidence in September, and it could be bad if the draft- law on the use of languages does not get a green light, Koha daily reports.

Or the Albanian language or a vote of confidence for Zaev

Citing reliable party sources, Koha says that SDSM is trying to delay the adoption of the law on languages until after the local elections, in order not to leave room for VMRO-DPMNE to criticize Zoran Zaev for having introduced bilingualism in Macedonia.

However, this attempt will not be easy for SDSM. A senior party official from DUI told the paper that the party would seek a vote of confidence if the government three weeks after the visit of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn did not put forward the draft law on the use of languages as a proposal in Parliament.

“Hahn is coming to Macedonia, and then Ali Ahmeti will inform him that we can wait for the law on languages for a week, two weeks, three weeks … but not a day longer. The draft law on the use of the Albanian language, on which we agreed with SDSM, enabled Zaev to get a mandate and form a government. That law must be put forward as a proposal in Parliament. Otherwise, DUI will seek a vote of confidence in the new government. It is not pressure, but DUI’s main condition that allowed SDSM to come to power, and that condition should be implemented as soon as possible,” a senior official from Ahmeti’s party told Koha daily.

Furthermore, the leader of the DP-DPA, Zijadin Sela announced that he gave this government a period of 100 days, and if the intended goals are not fulfilled, then the party will not be part of it.

Vote of confidence if the Albanian language is not resolved by October