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Kosovo’s PM Haradinaj says EU’s Mogherini has ‘killed’ Kosovo-Serbia dialogue


Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj reacted to statements of the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who stated Monday that she does not rule out exchange of borders between Kosovo and Serbia.

Prime Minister Haradinaj who is against discussing the land swap idea during Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, said that Mogherini who facilitated high level dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade has “killed” the dialogue. “I think Mogherini has killed and disarranged the dialogue on normalization by transforming it into a dialogue on territories. This has caused harm to our region,” Haradinaj said adding that Mogherini’s stance on borders is unacceptable.

Mogherini said on Monday that said that it is up to Kosovo and Serbia to define what would be the final outcome of the dialogue without excluding a solution on land swap if agreed by two presidents of Kosovo and Serbia during the dialogue facilitated by Mogherini. “It is important for the EU and it has been clear since the beginning that we will welcome the result that comprehensively addresses all issues related to normalization in a legally binding manner and in relation to the principles of international law and the EU rules. It means there is no ethnic division within countries,” Mogherini said when asked whether the idea of border correction is acceptable to the EU.

Source: Gazeta Express