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Kotzias: Only the two countries should discuss the name issue


The name issue is going to be discussed following the upcoming elections in Macedonia, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said in an interview with Kathimerini daily.

“I assume there will be encouragement to settle the name dispute after the election process is concluded in Macedonia and the December 11 polls. Consequently, after the elections, this issue should be subject to consultations between the two foreign ministries and it should not be left to third parties to resolve it. And with assistance, of course, provided by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz,” said Kotzias.

Also, he mentioned the confidence building measures between the countries. Asked whether the measures were bringing the countries closer to a name solution, the Minister replied: “We’ll see.”

“But, you should know that the confidence building measures have helped a lot to change the perception of Greece in Skopje, that we want to break up this country,” Kotzias said reiterating that Greece wanted to see Macedonia persevere, which is why he vetoed the EU’s proposal to impose sanctions on the country.

“The problem is that the godfather of this country had made a mistake regarding the name,” the Greek Minister said.