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Leader of Albanian diaspora Lamalari: Zaev is messiah of the Albanians, if he doesn’t win, we will suspend the elections

President of the Albanian diaspora from Macedonia, Musa Lamalari, who openly advocates federalization of Macedonia, in a statement for “Vecer” said that Albanians see SDSM leader as their savior (messiah).

Zoran Zaev’s project “The truth about Macedonia” in many areas of the Albanian society is seen with admiration as the savior of the Albanians from the clutches of criminal groups and parties in Latin letters, I refer to parties that manipulated on behalf of Albanians. There is no doubt that Zoran Zaev will obtain Albanian votes, despite his strategic errors with the Albanians that he cooperates with. Some of them used to support DUI and participated in several incidents in mosques. Now how they will vote it remains to be seen in the election results, says Musa Lamalari for “Vecer”, who presents himself in the public as Tim Shkupi.


Lamalari claims that he is certain that Zaev will obtain many Albanian votes in all electoral districts where there are Albanians. Asked about the statements of Zaev for bilingualism and federalization, he said that Nikola Gruevski also had a chance to become a hero of the Albanians as Zoran Zaev is today.

If Nikola Gruevski did what Zoran Zaev does today with his direct approach to the Albanian citizens, Macedonia today would be totally different. Albanians in Macedonia were afraid of the Albanians who were in power or those parties that were strategic partners of Nikola Gruevski.

The leader of the Albanian diaspora had several meetings with the leader of SDSM. Asked about his collaboration with Zaev, Lamalari said that SDSM leader is a little afraid to cooperate with the Albanian diaspora.и.

The last time I met with him at the Hotel Aleksandar Palace where we were hosted by the Reis of the IRC for Bayram. Zaev should not be afraid of the Albanian diaspora, but he should be afraid of some groups who speak Albanian but have nothing to do with the Albanian people and their interests. Here I refer to some groups that are known as groups who propagate false political Islam in Macedonia, said Lamalari.

Lamalari is among the first public figures in Macedonia that have publicly said they are advocating federalization.

We have requirements, but we are diaspora and we can’t decide. Everybody knows that I want federalization, of course, I don’t hide it, I had a meeting with Zaev, I expressed my support to him and these new Albanian parties joined the protests, said Lamalari.

Two days ago on Facebook, Lamalari signed as Tim Shkupi, or Tim Skopje, metaphorically referring to the team of supporters that he has in Skopje, wrote that if Zeav doesn’t win, the elections will be suspended.