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Let’s preserve the state!


Jovanka Kepeska, PhD, University Professor

It remains the fact, not as an emotionless theoretical abstraction, that exercising power is the basic assumption, as for identification, so for the very existence of the state. In order for the state not to be threatened, all its institutions must function with full capacity. Insisting on such approach to the institutions of social order is our responsibility in the current events in Macedonia.

Pledging for democracy, freedom of speech, equality of citizens, fair elections, separation of the state from the party are common values, important for all of us and for the overall democratic development of society. These aspects require a continuous debate, which not only takes place  in the form of political dialogue.

I would expect that the opposition should make all steps to talk about the topics, certainly pledging for principled positions. However, as far it concerns them, neither the opposition media, nor the rallies opened the expected debates.

There are no indications of the opposition’s positions that would resolve the problems in the electoral field and in the media, or the airing of the recorded conversations, mainly in the elections and freedom of the media. Approaching with extremely negative position, it does not show any natural willingness to enter into a dialogue on the issues.

In a situation when for a month SDSM has been performing severe pressure on all of us, threatening the peace in our daily lives, with an alibi that the democratic values are lost and that this party is trying to establish them, absolutely would be forgivable, unless we are not used to that yet, due to common practice, the opposition is forwarding the forest of words with low realization. The ongoing release of wiretapped conversations contain arguments that it is about a declarative and palliative approach, which does not leave a lot of faith in achieving the desired commitment. Namely, the selectivity of the released conversations, primarily of government officials, journalists and leaders of parties inclined to the government, but not of SDSM key figures, confirms this. That indicates that it is not about a general commitment in terms of the guaranteed right to privacy of citizens because the tapped materials are being released with strictly defined objectives, for bringing down the government. There is a lack of questions about the origin of the materials, as well as efforts to verify their credibility in legal proceedings, noting only their content.

Instead of, primarily, legal, political resolution, meaning that government itself is expected to resign leaving room for a transitional government, they are looking for new elections, greater presence of the international community, for example, foreign prosecutor and legal advice, removing party involvement from the institutions (?), change of management, for example, the management of MRTV. In fact, instead of establishing the legitimacy of the government, the opposition demands its replacement, which, actually, at a given moment not only derogates the legal and political system, but also the Constitution.

The example, one of many, of how the dialogue became problematic is indicative. Namely, one of the students that participated in the student protests, while they were still on the streets, and member of the board of students expressed before the cameras, for me, the constructive idea of radical reforms in the higher education.

When I met him at the Faculty of Philosophy, where he himself is a philosophy student, I asked him why the idea that he is committed to, has not been delivered to the government as a proposal, so that talks could begin. He did not answer me, he just passed by. He did not want to give an answer because, obviously, talks with the government was not the goal of the mass protests, but showing power to change the government.

The calculated alibi for democratic demands intends that the instructions of the opposition, to, seemingly, encounter understanding by the international community in the defense of democratic values. But, consciously or unconsciously, as if something that is simultaneously linked to a special war, is formally also committed to democracy, freedom of speech, fair elections and civil rights, while, in fact, it aims to overthrow the government in our country.

The lack of constructive approach in recent events caused by the opposition shows that it does not tend to contribute to the society, strengthening of the state and our democratic development.