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Levidiagro opens new rice processing factory in Kocani

kocani gruj

A new rice-­processing factory Levidiagro ­-EUR 4 million Turkish brownfield investment ­ has been opened Thursday in Kocani. The state­of­art facility is the largest plant for rice processing in the Balkan region. The investment of Levidiagro, part of the group of companies founded by Turkish investors in Macedonia, as all others is being realized under the support of Macedonia’s Government and relevant ministries, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said at the opening ceremony.



“In the mid of this year I was here in Kocani for opening of the plant of Dutch company ‘Antura’. I announced then that investments would keep arriving in Kocani, while we shall continue to work on advancing the business climate, promotion of the opportunities for investing in the country abroad and direct, partner­oriented relations with the investors. Such approach has resulted in yet another production facility in Kocani ­ the new rice-­processing factory ­ Levidiagro,” Gruevski said.



It is important to notify that the new factory aims to apply European standards to increase the production and advance the quality of the rice, hence to bolster the export of the Macedonian rice in Europe, Gruevski said. Investment activities in the region of Kocani, he said, have halved the unemployment rate from 11,000 in 2006 to 6,500 today, Gruevski said.


Levidiagro owner Ali Sozer said over 100 people would be engaged in the factory. The company, he said, has decided to invest in Macedonia due to excellent business climate and cooperation with the central and local government.



“Macedonia produces high­-quality rice. We are aware of the potential and hence our investment is aimed at development of this agricultural branch in Macedonia. The production capacity of the new factory will meet the needs of high-­quality rice of both domestic and European markets,” Sozer said.



Turkish Ambassador to Macedonia Omur Solendil reaffirmed the friendship between the two countries. “The friendship between Macedonia and Turkey will last for ever and we shall keep helping each other,” Solendil said.