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Macedonia and Croatia sign new education cooperation programme



Macedonia and Croatia have extended their cooperation in the fields of education and science, which was launched in 1995. Ministers Abdilaqim Ademi and Vedran Mornar signed Monday in Skopje a new three­-year programme for cooperation in the sectors of education, science and technology.

Ademi said cooperation would encompass all levels of education, including joint scientific projects funded by the EU, especially in programme Horizon 2020.

“This document further strengthens bilateral relations. We are continuing to exchange positive experiences in the elementary, secondary and higher education, where direct cooperation among countries’ universities is a priority”, he added.

Minister Mornar said Macedonia is more advanced than Croatia in certain segments, such as nine-grade education and external testing in primary school.

“We have identified that problems are the same, problems in Croatia are problems in Macedonia too”, he stressed. Mornar referred to the student protests, saying they were staged in Croatia in 2009.

“The state did not interfere, but there was dialogue. Heavy measures do not apply here”, he said.