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Macedonia, Bulgaria to establish railway link by 2020


Railway link between Macedonia and Bulgaria, intensifying cooperation between railway companies, as well as exchange of experience and experts were in the focus of Friday’s talks in Skopje between Macedonian Railways-Infrastructure director Irfan Asani and Bulgaria’s National Railway Infrastructure Company CEO Milcho Lambrev.

Asani briefed Lambrev over the current construction works and projects related to the railway networking between the two countries, expecting the link to be established by 2020 at the latest.


“If everything goes according to plans, works should be completed by 2020, resulting in a railway connection between Skopje and Sofia”, said Asani.

According to Lambrev, Bulgarian railways are currently working on new rail routes leading to Macedonia.

“We will complete the works by 2020. We are prepared to use the old route, although we are working in parallel on the new route leading to the Macedonian border”, added Lambrev.