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Macedonia can endure this, too!


Columnist: Dr. Bona Lazar Bajraktarova, University Professor

The Republic of Macedonia will endure this attack, too!!! It will endure the wiretapping and verbal war, the organized attack by the opposition, regardless whether it is an independent or collaborating destructive project.

Almost an year after the legal and legit parliamentary elections, a weird historic episode of verbal (re)pressing is running in Macedonia, served by the opposition and plenum.

SDSM, its opposition partners and various plenums think that winning the government can be done by verbalism and superstition. The fall of a memo pad during a TV debate has ‘inventively’ been interpreted by the opposition leader as possible sign of a fall of Gruevski’s government, and such huge symbolism could have also been seen in the news that part of the facade of a building on Belgrade street “Macedonian” has started to fall… That is perhaps also related to Macedonia’s Government?! Oh, dear! Some see a hint of government shift in Macedonia in celestial symbols! In meanwhile, the Government resumes its projects and investments. Understandably.

Plenums have (are) being established in the country. Different ones. Established by… aimed at… But, I believe it is quite clear that it is neither a way, nor a tool to win the government. Daily ‘bombings’ of plenum’s rhetorically inventive negativeness, except for negative charge in certain social layers, has caused no other bigger effect – at least not big enough to give the impression as if a shift in government is to follow. Maybe if their behavior was more inventive some nine years ago, they could have kept the antipodes of the incumbent party on the throne much longer. Like this, it seems to be nothing else, but a waste of energy. And, not a word on responsibility, new jobs opening?! Dedication to (their) obligations?! People only trust achievements and successes, not just promises. ‘I know-I can’ is not an equivalent of ‘I create-I make’. True creativity comes to surface when governing, through everyone’s daily working activities. Verbal bragging is useless.

Last-year’s curiosity. Former U.S. ambassador thought SDSM’s request for transitional government was not an extreme demand (of the opposition?! That is what was recommended before leaving the country, despite of the Macedonian government that about half a million citizens have just elected. A government that has earned citizens’ trust for all it has been doing for almost a decade – transforming it into a respectful country by realistic parameters. Would Mr. Former Ambassador to Macedonia suggest anything similar to any other European (parliamentary) country?!

Two ‘sinless’ careerists and those similar to them will be restoring order in VMRO-DPMNE party. As if they were going to make it more democratic by conducting “replace” and “ignore” operations to the party leadership?! Unfortunately, such operations can only be performed in computers. Party leader and current PM cannot be just replaced, especially if he has been achieving highest score in ruling the country. According to the ‘sinless’, he is a ‘dictator’ who has established a ‘regime’ in Macedonia. For instance, he asked that projects should be done as soon as possible, before the one year deadline. By applying such ‘dictatorship’, he – allegedly – frustrated his ‘subordinates’ and the administration?! University workers in Germany and Netherlands (in my experience – in my field) only have 15-minute paid break, while the 1-hour lunch break and overtime is at their own expense. Organizational order. But, no one is frustrated.

Apropos the aforementioned project implementation by this Government. On this occasion, I would only mention one – to me fascinating – is regarding development of information technologies in the country that increased Internet penetration in the country from 9% in 2006 to about 70% (or more) nowadays. Is this the ‘primitive’ society that Rupert Wolfe-Murray writes about – based on insights he got via e-mail from ‘an old friend of Macedonia’ – in the article “Letter from Macedonia”, published in the “Huffington Post”?!

Macedonian citizens and ambassadors have been wiretapped, conversations published. Lack of ethics, abuse and attack of personal freedom of those persons. A crime we expect the country will bring to light, to unearth the actors and their motifs for such anti-state and illegal action.

For the second time, a message to (Z.Z., R.S., B.J., S.T.) all those who appeared on “Al Jazeera” in March 2015 (couple of years ago in Brussels B.S., B.J., M.C.N… with Chatzimarkakis, in the same manner) have shamelessly attacked their own country, ruining its reputation and those of its citizens: Will you ever be able to walk down ‘Macedonia’ Street in our capital with your head high?!

Despite everything, Macedonian citizens are aware of the imposed situation and shall not allow to be dragged into a (self)destructive scenario for the country and their future. Those who sparked this shall not hope for that, though they call the people by practicing ‘street democracy’ to attack legal Macedonian institutions, aiming to cause chaos in the country – a chaos that cannot end without wounding country’s sovereignty. They shoot rhetoric ‘bombs’. Destructive ones. But, the Government is also throwing ‘bombs’. Minister Todorov threw a deafening ‘bomb’ of a most modern, most sophisticated X-ray machine. The Prime Minister threw many such ‘bombs’ – mega-investment ‘bombs’! And that is exactly what shall be happening until 2018! Afterwards, we shall see!