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Macedonia did need “Skopje 2014″!


Dr. Bona Lazar Bajraktarova
University Professor

Macedonia did need “Skopje 2014!”

It needed the masts, it needed the monuments! It needed the shine of the old-new theater, the magnificent museums along Vardar river! It needed all the new buildings, boulevards, parks…, so that Skopje can be what it is – capital of the state.

Macedonia also need(ed) sports halls and playgrounds, numerous infrastructural solutions; the new and renovated schools and kindergartens, the m0dern(ized) hospitals and laboratories; it also needed the new or improved students’ dormitories, but also low university tuition fee – for higher education is not supposed to be a privilege for individuals, it needed free books and learning foreign languages as of early age*,  computers for pupils and students/graduands*, free (large-scale) IT trainings for adult citizens, free internet. It did need modern airports – mirror of every country, roads and highways – under intensive construction…!

Macedonia need(ed) all that has not been done/constructed in the past years, tho it has affect on citizens’ lives, as well as the country’s reputation!

*Decade and a half ago, utilization of computers in our country was at a low level. Both personal and in institutions! Preparing texts on the old typing machines was not easy at all; typing hard buttons used to leave (textual) traces on the paper, but they also used to leave traumatic consequences on “typist’s” fingers! In that time, Erste Bank from Vienna, Austria was granting each of its employees, regardless of their position, a lap top! For them to learn how to use the innovative information technology. They understood it a a benefit for the employees, for the company and for the entire society (Vienna, 2002). In Macedonia, the incumbent party VMRO-DPMNE had the same viewpoint. Considering that nowadays “it is hard to imagine any type of work without basic IT knowledge computer and internet skills”, from the very moment they took over the government (2006), the government led by this party has started the project “Computerization of Macedonia”, envisaged by the party’s election programme 2006-2010. Its intention was faster introduction and application of modern information technologies in all aspects of modern life of Macedonians for accelerated economic development and approximation to European standards for information functioning. The aim has been reached. Today, we can gladly say, without any exaggeration, that we generally have literate citizens in terms of information technology, as well as young generations with special skills and creativity in this area! It is especially important that the application of these skills refers to the entire country, which has significantly increased the efficiency of institutions; a reality Macedonia can be proud of! Progress in this area has been noted and recognized as a positive example abroad, and it is also a capital investment in the country’s prosperity. Introduction of (two) foreign languages in the educational process (starting with first grade), as a valuable spiritual investment, is also for the benefit of both the country and its citizens. (Prosperous Dutch people, besides their mother tongue, also speak at least one, two or even three more foreign languages. They say: our country is small, we need to speak foreign languages (Amsterdam, 1993)).

Macedonia did need “Macedonia Timeless”, the beautiful videos that promote our country worldwide, as well as all those documentaries in the last couple of years which gave an insight into Macedonian history! The real one, as it is, because it has not been appropriately presented in the Macedonian education system.

Every nation celebrates its history, celebrates its heroes. Macedonia has done that with dignity, with the project “Skopje 2014″. The magnificent Archaeological Museum of Macedonia alongside Vardar has made our historical wealth evident.

I wrote on “Skopje 2014″ back in 2011, as well. The column titled “As much as they are, they are enough” (modification of the famous poem of Gane Todorovski) was my reply as a citizen to the criticism by individuals for the project “Skopje 2014″ and the monuments which erected in the capital. Now, when its implementation is coming to an end, I go back to this topic: let us remember details connected to this grand, valuable historic project, especially significant for a small country as Macedonia.

Many poisonous darts have been directed towards the monuments in the last few years, towards “Skopje 2014″. Even now. If they had been different, and not just rhetorical ones, they would have been gone by now, they would have turned into dust! “Brave” opposition politicians, journalists and some university professors have been showing their inventiveness in practice, suggesting the opposition – when it takes over the government – the first thing it would do would be tearing the monuments down! Just so that they do not remind them of this, according to them, hateful, detestable age! Just so they are not reminded of “gruevism”! “Skopje 2014″ represents that regime?! Other, “more inventive” ones, suggest more subtle methods – liberation from “Skopje 2014″ as “anti-national/anti-civilization evil”?! Such an “invention”!

One of the explanations for the destructive ideas of the aforementioned ones: government spends money on bronze in vain! The  money spent on each monument could have fed God knows how many hungry mouths in the country. That’s some stand! However, they do not offer any answer to the question – where did the money go when those who were not spending on bronze were ruling the country!

Similar was the rhetoric of the woman from liquidated company who was most present in the media. She passionately, with huge political fire spoke against the monuments (referring to the incumbent government), of how they misused people’s sufferings, people who were not to be blamed for losing their jobs. She organizes and leads the protests, but she has never mentioned who has brought them in that situation, who took away their jobs. She became part of the country’s political manipulations. (For the record, I do think that those workers should be assisted by the state and the law, as much as possible.)

The stupidity of rhetorical darts (coated with hate and poison from extremely inappropriate words and phrases) directed towards monuments, is even bigger and scarier when it comes from the mouths of “intellectuals” – university professors or politicians who tend to take over the state. If it has been just about politics – ok, although it is also not justified when its malicious and tendentiously. Such darts are self-destructive weapon in the political fight. They go back as a boomerang to those who send them and instead of a positive, political effect, they result in suicidal consequences. Just like terrorists who sacrifice themselves in terrorist attacks, but also other groups (coincidental or intentionally selected) for orchestrated, foggy goals.

To sum up. When our “inventors” saw that the targets of their rhetoric acrobatic moves have remained silent (by the way, all elections thus far have confirmed the invalidity of their thesis that “Skopje 2014″ does not have citizens’ support), they have replaced the extreme with milder forms: when they would take over the government, they would not tear the monuments down, they would not melt the bronze from the monuments (it would be a waste), but they would dislocate them or place them in depots. Good job, smart heads!

However, int he future, besides possible lacks or mistakes, Macedonian citizens will gratefully and proudly remember the ideologists and ideals who constructed the project “Skopje 2014″, their visions, love, and above all, their commitment to the country!

Macedonia did need “Skopje 2014″!