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Macedonia for now isn’t introducing tariff counter-measures for Kosovo


Macedonia so far isn’t considering introducing counter-measures for Kosovo, but it expects the increased tariffs to be fully revoked based on the ongoing negotiations, says the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy on Thursday.

After tomorrow’s meeting of Economy Minister Kresnik Bekteshi with his Kosovo counterpart, more details will be known about what the next steps will be, according to the Ministry.

“All the negotiations conducted so far give us the reason to expect that the increased tariffs will be fully revoked. At the moment, Macedonia sticks to it position not to introduce counter-measures for now. More details will be known about what next steps will be made after tomorrow’s meeting of Minister Bekteshi,” states the press release.

According to the Ministry, negotiations with Kosovo in the past several days have produced results, which is evident with the fact that Pristina has already lifted tariffs increased for several agricultural products.