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Macedonia holds penultimate position in Europe for e-commerce: conference


In theory, Macedonia has excellent preparation to launch e-commerce, however in the practice, it occupies penultimate place in Europe with only 20 percent of online shoppers, it has been said Friday at first annual Macedonian E-commerce Conference held in Skopje.

Statistical data of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia show that over the first half of the year Macedonians spent EUR 63 million on online shopping, which represents an increase compared to the same period last year, however we are still lagging behind in regard to the percentage of online shoppers in Europe.

“We have a growth of 20 percent compared to the first half of last year, but what is satisfactory is that the growth towards domestic e-commerce companies is greater rather than to foreign ones. This means that Macedonians spent more money on domestic shopping by which the trend is changed i.e. shopping structure is 65 percent towards foreign e-commerce companies compared to last year’s 70 percent of foreign e-commerce companies, President of Macedonian e-Commerce Association and CEO & Co-Founder на Nina Angelovska said in her welcome speech.

Minister for Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski said that we must work to ensure the citizens are safe that their personal data will be protected while shopping online.

“In that direction, we adopted the National Cybersecurity Strategy and we prepared national action plan that must be implemented by the institutions and the business sector. Macedonia is heading towards the digitization and the first visible results will be available to citizens in early 2019 through the register and the new national portal for electronic services,” he said.

“Innovative support with a particular focus on e-commerce will continue next year. We are already in the preparation of new public calls and according to the medium-term work plan of the Innovation Fund, the total scope for 2019 is around EUR 12.5 million,” Jovan Despotovski, Director of Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, said addressing the event.

The first annual Macedonian E-commerce Conference is aiming to bring the key stakeholders in one place to connect, meet and share knowledge and experience. Under the theme “eCommerce: The eFuture for eMacedonia!” the conference will tackle four main subjects: Development, Payments, Delivery and Marketing. The conference is divided into 10 key speeches and presentations, as well as 3 interactive panel discussions.