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Macedonia mulling whether to introduce counter-measures for Kosovo: minister


The introduction of a 30-percent duty for produces imported in Kosovo does not imply a trade war between Macedonia and Kosovo, Economy Minister Kreshink Bekteshi said Wednesday.

“The measure is not designed against Macedonia, it is introduced for all countries in the world that export agricultural products in Kosovo. Having in mind all international treaties, we have a duty to take measures ourselves, too. They are to be considered in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Customs Administration while they will be also reviewed as part of the CEFTA Secretariat,” Minister Bekteshi told journalists after a meeting Wednesday with the Kosovo Minister of Regional Development, Rasim Demiri.

Macedonia, he said, wasn’t informed on time about their decision to impose the measure. According to the CEFTA Agreement, Kosovo is obliged to inform all member countries before introducing duties, the Minister stated adding that a meeting was set to be held by the end of the day to analyze all possible implications on Macedonian products and to mull whether to introduce counter-measures.

“The Ministry of Economy as well as the government haven’t been informed, but after speaking with the CEFTA Secretariat, I’ve found out that none of the CEFTA members had been informed,” Bekteshi said noting that the measure had been proposed by the Kosovo Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Kosovo’s Minister Demiri said the measure had been introduced in order to protect local producers of produces.

“The decision is not aimed against Macedonia, its goal is to protect produce growers in Kosovo. I think the measure has been well-thought-out and I believe it will benefit our producers,” he stated.

On Tuesday, the Kosovo government reached a decision to introduce a 30-percent duty for produces imported to Kosovo. The 90-day measure enters into force on Friday.