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Macedonia ranks 27th in tomatoes export, 33rd in watermelon export in the world


Macedonia is ranked 27th in tomatoes exports and 33rd in watermelon exports, independent education and research website World’s Top Exports (WTEx) reports.

Last year, Macedonia exported tomatoes amounting to US$17.1 million or 0.2% of worldwide exports, while watermelon exports reached US$2.9 million or 0.2% of worldwide exports.

Macedonia imported tomatoes amounting to US$2.9 million, which is 0.03% of worldwide imports.

According to World’s Top Exports top tomatoes exporting countries are the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and Canada with sale of US$416 million to US$2 billion, while the major watermelon exporting countries are Spain, Mexico, US, the Netherlands and Italy with the sale of US$81.6 million to US$364.6 million.

Top tomatoes importing countries include the USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Russia with purchase value totaling between US$558.7 million to US$2.3 billion.