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Macedonia to be advertised by “Google”


Macedonia will be advertised on the most famous Internet browser “Google”. The General Secretariat of the Google’s Croatian branch office and Macedonia have already signed a MKD 31,6 million (EUR 514 million) contract, ‘Kanal 5‘ informs.

The contract, signed end of January, was published on Saturday in the  Public Procurement Bureau and stipulates 12-month promotion of Macedonia’s tourism treasures.


Government’s Spokesperson, Aleksandar Gjorgjiev, stated for ‘Kanal 5′ the promotion will be based on optimization for favoring Macedonia and placing it among the first results when certain key words are being searched.

Minister Ivo Ivanovski and the working group have already determined the key words list, which has been sent to Croatian Google office and awaits implementation.

“Google Croatia”, the Public Procurement Bureau informs, has been chosen as a result of a negotiating procedure.

“Google” will bring foreign guests to Macedonia. This is another way for the Government to promote the country. According to Gjorgjiev, “Google” is the world’s biggest search engine used globally, expecting it would be a powerful tool for many people abroad to find out about Macedonia and visit it.