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Macedonia, UN sign new five-year strategy


Macedonia remains committed to promoting the basic values of the United Nations – peace, justice, human dignity, tolerance and solidarity, said Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki in his address at Monday’s event marking UN’s 71. anniversary.

Poposki and UN Resident Coordinator Louisa Vinton signed a new five-year strategy “Partnership for Sustainable Development” worth US$ 120,9 million, which aims to promote equal and sustainable development, as well as support to Macedonia’s EU integration.

“The document represents a continuity of the joint activities in the coming five years in areas that have priority for the Government, including increase of employment, good governance and professional institutions, increased social inclusion, enhanced care for vulnerable categories, gender equality, clean and sustainable environment, which will clearly help the country’s Euro-integration process”, stressed Poposki.

UN’s Vinton said the UN family would continue to work with partners in government institutions, civil society and the international community in order to be sure that no citizen is disregarded, in the spirit of the sustainable development goals

“We turned the sustainable development goals into a new five-year strategy through five key priorities – creating more and better jobs; strengthening institutions of the administration towards more transparent and just operations; overcoming of social inclusion, especially of Roma and handicapped persons; delivery of promises regarding gender equality and environment protection; fight against climate change and building resistance against disasters”, she added.

The new strategy has been developed in consultation with national partners. It harmonizes UN activities with the Sustainable Development Goals in global terms and the EU accession in regional context. It also supports numerous national strategies and action plans in a number of sectors.