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Macedonian Government hopes meeting with the Bulgarian Government is not canceled, despite heated exchanges


Macedonian Government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski today said that the planned joint Government session with Bulgaria has not been canceled, despite the recent rise in tensions between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Bulgarian officials.

– Details are still being hammered out and the date is still not confirmed at this point. Additionally the Prime Minister will be in Bulgaria on Monday, to attend the ground breaking of the Blagoevgrad – Kula highway, which will include a section toward Berovo. Regional cooperation is intensifying. There is no date at the moment, but we are absolutely sure the session will take place, Bosnjakovski said, adding that a similar meeting is being planned with Serbia as well.

Zaev got into a series of arguments with Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov, as well as Andrey Kovatchev who is a Bulgarian member of the European Parliament. Karakacanov warned Zaev that Macedonia will not be able to join EU and NATO if he continues to insist that Macedonians are a separate nation from the Bulgarians and speak a separate language. Zaev responded that he and his children are and will always be Macedonains and speak Macedonian.


The latest exchange comes with another Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki who today said that Zaev appears to be a “typical Bulgarian politician – because he is always lying”. In a lengthy comment, Dzhambazki says that “there is no Macedonian history independent from the Bulgarian history” and no independent Macedonian nation and language.

– Our Bulgarian interest is clear – full and unconditional protection of the legitimate Bulgarian interests in Macedonia, protection of the historic truth about Bulgaria and our Bulgarian sacred sites in Macedonia. Zaev and his SDSM party are selling us Balkan tricks, they say one thing in Sofia, another in Athens, a third in Brussels and something completely else in Skopje. They want to get in NATO and EU through the back door, by falsifying Bulgarian history. Zaev is not constructive, he is a typical Bulgarian politician – lies and labyrinths. He is Bulgarian when he talks to us, Greek when he is with the Greeks, pretends to be Serbian with the Serbs, and in reality he is just a provincial Tarik (liar), Dzhambazki writes, before listing Macedonian historic figures like Tsar Samuil, Goce Delcev and Jane Sandanski, which, he says, were Bulgarians.