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Macedonian MatriX for cheaper Internet and faster browsing


Cheaper, faster and safer Internet is expected from the establishment of the Macedonian Internet Exchange Point – MatriX. The Internet protocol would function only through the national Internet Exchange Point, connected to about 100 Internet providers in Macedonia, instead of in Vienna or Sofia.

The facilities and equipping investment is EUR 300,000.  “Google” is also interested in establishing their servers in the Macedonian MatriX.

According to the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Ivo Ivanovski, says establishment of a common Internet Exchange Point in, from and to Macedonia will decrease the prices and offer faster Internet, as well as more competitive services and packages on the market.

“Global statistics shows such Internet Exchange Points that connect all national Internet providers can cause a price drop up to 15-20%. This is exactly why this project has been a priority for us and the Macedonian Academic Research Network (MARnet) since the beginning and we allocated budget resources” – Minister Ivanovski said during his visit Tuesday of the system-hall where MatriX equipment is being set up.

The Minister pointed out Macedonia has a recommendation from the Broadband Commission that stipulates basic Internet package price of 5% of one average salary.

He also stated that 30% of the total Internet exchange from Macedonia is towards the world’s biggest browser “Google”, that is interested in setting up servers in the MatriX system-hall, that would reduce the need of Internet Exchange abroad and we hope to see their servers in this hall. This, according to the Minister, would reduce the time for opening a web-site from 3 seconds to just 1 second.

Within the system-hall the MARnet employees office will be located, so that they can control the Internet traffic.

MARnet Director Sasho Dimitrijoski says the system-hall is built in accordance with the latest world standards, most modern technology and safety systems that secure MatriX function under any conditions, providing safer and faster Internet, as well as reduced cost for the Internet providers and cheaper Internet for the end-users.