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Macedonian MoD state secretary attends Security Review Conference in Sofia


The contribution of the countries from this part of Europe to security, stability and peace is rather significant and highly valued, Saso Stefanoski, Macedonian State Secretary with the Ministry of Defense, told the third annual Security Review Conference in Sofia on Thursday.

“The cooperation between the countries of the region is considered as significant prerequisite for advancing the regional security, stability and economic prosperity. Settling bilateral and internal issues via dialogue and understanding gives additional impetus to strengthening the security,” Stefanoski said at the gathering, organized by the Sofia Security Forum and the he Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Stefanoski affirmed Macedonia’s readiness to keep participating in international peace operations, the Ministry of Defense said in a press release.

Speaking about the challenges of the Balkan and Black Sea regions, Stefanoski also notified Macedonia’s activities for joining NATO and strengthening the stability in the region.

Pinpointing when Macedonia and other SEE countries are to become part of the European, Euro-Atlantic institutions will substantially contribute to providing for the region’s long-term stability and security, Stefanoski said.

“NATO has an unfinished business in the region, namely an admission of all aspirant-countries that have met the membership criteria, Stefanoski said.

At the event’s sidelines, Stefanoski held talks with new Bulgarian defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev.

Risks and threats to the national, regional and global security on the Balkan Peninsula and Black Sea region are on the agenda of the international conference, which brings together officials from Georgia, Macedonia, Qatar, US, and Ukraine, as well as analysts and practitioners in the spheres of security, defense and international relations.