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Macedonian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas


Orthodox Christians in Macedonia are celebrating Thursday the Birth of Jesus Christ – Christmas. Liturgies are being held in all temples of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) across the country.

The main event is taking place at St. Clement of Ohrid church in Skopje, where the liturgy is served by the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, H.H. Stefan.

On the occasion of Christmas, H.H. Stefan and members of the MOC Holy Synod have sent a Christmas message to the clergy and all Orthodox faithful wishing them peace and blessing from God.

An event of that early morning in the cave of Bethlehem is the fulfilment of all the hopes and expectations of all the prophecies and promises over the centuries, he says. “In that event is the essence of faith to the previous, current and future generations. Great is the secret: that day we met; we saw God and received God. With Christ’s birth, heaven opened to mankind, the heaven and the heavenly unite with earth, Archbishop Stefan writes in his Christmas message.”

From that event in Bethlehem until today, Christmas is a holiday of joy involving angels and all the righteous that are filled with salutary light. We as part of All­Orthodox community, this is a chance to re­examine the faith ­ and how much we know it and how we live with it. The Holy Church especially on this day, call us to show goodwill and build and maintain peace among all nations. Filled with Christmas joy to participate in strengthening the spiritual and national unity among our people, no matter where we live ­ at home or resettled in the world. With our love for God and mankind to show that there is a place of God in our souls. Christ is Born! Indeed He is Born!, reads the Christmas greeting of the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia H.H. Stefan.