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Macedonian people are friendly, make me feel at home

Fernando Reátegui is a young teacher from Peru who lives and works in Ohrid. Reátegui has lived and worked in several European countries, but the reason he came to Macedonia, as he told “Republika” is the opportunity to fulfill his dream, or to work as teaching and research staff. He says Macedonians are true friends, people who know how to make foreigners feel at home. He loves Macedonian music, fish stew and he plans to visit other parts of Macedonia this summer.

When did you first come to Macedonia?

I arrived to Ohrid about six weeks ago.

You come from a country with different culture and tradition than Macedonia. How did you manage to adapt to the life here?


Well, I would rather say that I am still in the process of adapting to the way of life here in Ohrid. My background is from South America. I am originally from Peru and grew up in Peru and in Venezuela. I have been living for many years though in Europe, Germany and UK.

How did you decide to come to Macedonia?

I was in pursuit of my dream I would say: work at academia and an opportunity came across that I could not resist, to work at UIST as teaching and research staff.


Do Macedonian people provide help when you need it ?

Macedonian people have been very helpful. They are nice and curious about you and want to find out about the place you come from,  how things are there, etc, etc. Specially my colleagues at UIST, they have helped me out settling here and have also made me feel at home.

What is your opinion of Macedonian people?

Well, as I was saying, very friendly. They seem to be very happy in general as well. They love their local music as you can notice as a visitor they play it at every restaurant round the lake.


Do you like the Macedonian cuisine?

Well, I’ve not been here too long but what I’ve tried I’ve liked. I strongly recommend the fish stew, beef broth and fish soup. As you can notice, I’m very much into soups.

How much free time do you have to travel across Macedonia? What do you think, which are the best places to visit in Macedonia?

I’ve not seen other parts other than Ohrid so far. I’ve been to Skopje only once when I was on my way to the airport. I plan to visit other parts of the country in summer.

Do you miss your home country?

Who doesn’t. Specially the people you left behind above all.

What are your plans, are you staying in Macedonia?

I like this place and hopefully everything turns out ok so I can stay longer.

By: K.N.K.