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Macedonian photojournalist Batev exhibits in Sofia

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An exhibition of photographs from the 2014 Twitter Calendar shot by Ivana Batev, Macedonian Informative Agency (MIA) photo-reporter, has been opened in the “Antrakt” gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a resumption of the idea for socially engaged calendar, which was promoted for the first time in 2013 to raise awareness on breast cancer. The community of active Twitter users have sent a message about health, namely sexual health through photographs.

“The society is complex. We think we are not naked because we wear clothes and in fact we are, because while spending our time on social networks we are exposed saying intimate things about ourselves online,” the 28-year old photojournalist told BGNES news agency.

At Wednesday’s opening of the photo exhibit, Batev said the idea about the Twitter Calendar was to promote the campaign for humanitarian causes.

The calendar includes photographs of fifteen young men and ten young women, but only the photos with female models were displayed at the exhibition as the gallery had decided the event to be dedicated exclusively to women. All these women have posed nude for the first time. One photo, for instance, features four activists of a feminist organization in Macedonia.

The photographs are displayed in Bulgaria for the first time after the photo exhibition was met with appraisal in Skopje. Some of the funds raised at the event were used to help discriminated women.