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Macedonian retirees have the highest average pensions in the region


The period behind us is when through a number of measures and projects we have shown what it means to have sincere care and support for the retirees, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski, while presenting the accountability report on Sunday.

“Measures and projects that meant creating a comprehensive system that enables a dignified, safer and happier life of our fellow citizens – the retirees, and which clearly show our commitment to help those citizens,” Gruevski said.

He stressed that retirees now know exactly when they are going to receive their pensions, and they keep getting increases as well. Gruevski pointed out that by continuously increasing the pensions, the Macedonian retirees have the highest average pensions in the region.

Vice Premier Zoran Stavreski stressed that the retirees have trust in this Government because the pensions are regularly paid, during the first week of the month and they are continuously increased.

“What makes retirees so happy is that they known now what they stand on. They have earned their pensions with honest and hard work, they worked their entire lives and that is why it is important to receive them on time and to get them increased. Over the past period the average pension in Macedonia has been increased by as much as 70 percent, and the lowest pension has been increased by 84 percent. That shows that the retirees can count on us,” Stavreski underlined.


Over 3,000 retirees will get a new raise of pensions in September.

Gruevski said that during the SDSM rule the pensions were regularly decreased.

“Now, there is no decrease, only increase of pensions,” he stated.