Wednesday, 1 December 2021 | News today: 0

Macedonian Telekom to pay EUR 37 million in dividends


Macedonian Telecommunications informed that they will pay a total dividend of 2,26 billion denars (37 million EUR) to its shareholders, or 26,23 denars per share. The decision was made at the annual shareholders assembly held on Wednesday.

Macedonian Telecommunications (MT), the largest telecommunications company in Macedonia, is held by the Hungarian Magyar Telekom company, a subsidiary of German Deutsche Telekom. About 38 percent of the shares are owned by the state. The company informed on Wednesday that the MT assembly accepted the annual financial reports and the report on the work of the corporation during 2014, as well as the internal revision reports and the report on the members of the Board of directors.

The assembly also approved a loan between MT and its cell phone operator T­Mobile Macedonia worth 615 million denars (10 million EUR). Pance Kralev, Nebojsa Stajkovic and Melinda Modok were appointed as non-­executive members of the Board. Peter Zom was appointed as independent non­executive member of the Board, while the assembly aslo noted the resignation of nonexecutive board member Thomas Panhans.