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Macedonian youth striving for fair elections


Youth sections of political parties in Macedonia signed Wednesday a Declaration for free and fair elections, committing to the organization of dignified campaigns, fair and democratic elections without intimidation, blackmail, defamation or slander of political

opponents, as well as voting pressures.

The party youth leaders said the Declaration, initiated by the Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs-Ohrid, should not be just a piece of paper to be quickly forgotten, but a principle, a code of conduct demonstrating high political culture.

“Elections are the most significant democratic tests for a country, and young politicians are crucial in getting a high mark. They possess enormous intellectual capacity, have strength and responsibility, prepared to be the generating force that can have an effect in all walks of life”, said Institute executive director Biljana Janeva.

The declaration was signed by youth sections of VMRO-DPMNE, VMRO-NP, GROM, Democratic League of Bosniaks in Macedonia, DOM, DPA, Democratic Party of Turks in Macedonia, Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia, DS, DUI, LDP, NSDP, SDSM, Socialist Party of Macedonia and OPE.