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Macedonians in Slovenia stage protest, demand release of people detained in relation to April 27 events (gallery)

The Civil Society Initiative of Slovenian-Macedonian Friendship held Sunday a massive peaceful protest in support of the unjustly detained persons in relations to the events of April 27th in the Macedonian Parliament.

The protest took place in downtown Ljubljana, which was attended by several hundred Macedonians, according to the Slovenian media.

Their only crime is their love for Macedonia, “Freedom for Vlado and other patriots”, “Freedom for political prisoners in Macedonia”, read some of the banners carried by the participants in the protest.

The organizers of the protest called for an immediate end to the talks on changing the name of the state, withdrawal of the unconstitutional law on bilingualism, as well as census under the supervision of international organizations.

One of the organizers of the initiative, Andrej Dochinski, told the crowd that Greece had broken the agreement by blocking Macedonia’s NATO membership in 2008, which was also confirmed by the International Court of Justice in The Hague in 2011.

Macedonians have the right to use the name Republic of Macedonia in international relations, nobody has no right to hinder it, he noted.

He strongly condemned and assessed the law on bilingualism adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia as “irresponsible, illegal and unconstitutional”. The initiative also opposes the signing of the agreement on good neighborly relations with Bulgaria.

Everything that is happening now is a kind of genocide against the Macedonian people because they want Macedonia to change its name. The name of the nation, language, history, to wipe out everything that is Macedonian, he said.