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Macedonians protest against name change in Canberra, Australia


Macedonians living in Australia yesterday, traveled from Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Melbourne to the Nation’s capital, in protest of the recent developments from a chain of events unfolding in Republic of Macedonia negating Macedonian identity. Police estimated approximately 6000 people attended the rally which began at the bus drop off point in front of Mawson Public School, and the crowd congregated at the Macedonian Embassy, to hand over a declaration written by the Macedonian Community of NSW & ACT, on behalf of all Australian Macedonians, the World Macedonian Congress Australia said in a press release.


Speeches began with respect to First Nation Indigenous Australians, with the Australian anthem, followed by the Macedonian anthem and speeches, condemning the current capitulation of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to Greece’s demands on name changes within the Republic of Macedonia.

Zoran Zaev announced the renaming of Alexander the Great International Airport in Skopje to Skopje International Airport,  and renaming a Macedonian highway to “Friendship” Highway not long ago.


This is a provocative and capitulatory acquiescence to the unjust demands of Greece on a sovereign country, with a quisling appointed illegal government which breaks all of its Constitution.

The momentum of these recent ‘friendship’ agreements which negate the Macedonian minorities in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania are in direct contravention to Geneva Convention, to accelerate the process of entry into EU and NATO, who are both irrelevant as can be seen by the recent Brexit debacle. The EU and ‘Euro Atlantic” values have done little to strengthen any economies nor have they been dealt any financial advantage in any economic sphere or domain.


The negation of Macedonian minorities and the cultural and ethnic genocide that is perpetuated by Greece demands on the Republic of Macedonia is contributing to the country’s demise and sovereignty. It is also highly concerning, that the autocephalous Macedonian Orthodox church is facing acquisition by Bulgaria.

Macedonians within Australia reject all forms of the capitulation of Republic of Macedonia, reject any further name changes, as can be demonstrated by Greece changing toponyms, and forced name changes of Macedonian minorities after partitioning Macedonia in 1913, contributing to the cultural and ethnic genocide of Macedonians that fell behind those new borders.

Macedonians in Australia, also call on the Australian government in the strongest possible terms, this derogatory reference of “FYRoM” must desist, we are Macedonians, the country is Macedonia, and Australia is also breaching its multicultural laws,  of equity, and self-determination.

Macedonians have been part of the fabric of multicultural Australia for 100 years.

As for Zoran Zaev, there was no referendum or census for changing any Macedonian names within the Republic of Macedonia, the west would do well to back off a sovereign country, 140 countries recognize Macedonians and Republic of Macedonia.

Further protests will be held Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane on 4 March 201, reads the press release.

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