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Major protest in defense of Macedonia’s name on February 27

Macedonian communities around the world on the occasion of the anniversary of the “For United Macedonia” movement, on February 27, 2018, organize a protest for the defense of the name of the state and the identity of the nation in Skopje!

The protest will start at 18:00h in front of the European Union delegation premises, and then will move along the “St. Clement of Ohrid” boulevard and “Dimitrie Chupovski” boulevard to the Parliament’s building.

Macedonians around the world demand:

(1) Unconditional end of the name talks with the Government in Athens and continuation of membership in the United Nations and in all international organizations under the state name of Macedonia;

(2) Withdrawal of the Law on the Use of Languages;

(3) Withdrawal of the Zaev-Borisov agreement;

(4) Urgent release of the people detained in relation to the events of 27 April 2017 in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia.

The demands will be submitted to the President, the Parliament, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and to all foreign embassies in Macedonia.

If the Government does not accept the demands, Macedonians around the world are demanding self-dissolution of Parliament and holding extraordinary parliamentary elections by providing conditions for exercising the right to vote in the seventh constituency, without the obligation to enroll the right to vote in every parliamentary and presidential election.

Macedonians around the world reject a referendum, ratification of an international treaty and change of the Constitution in order to change the name of the state and the identity of the nation!